Naval division

We design and implement electrical installations and systems for shipboard automation, in particular in the field of large yachts, both sailing and motor yachts.

Software Development

  • Electrical engineering design and development
  • Production of wiring diagrams complete with documentation required by certification registers
  • Automation PLC software design and development with interfacing to the various on-board systems
  • Monitoring software

Electrical panels

  • Design and realization of custom carpentry in steel or aluminum
  • Design and construction of electrical panels:
    • power cabinets including main electrical panel, undercabins and switchboards
    • power and control for bow thruster
    • command and control for rudders
    • automation and boat monitoring
    • sail systems control
    • wheelhouse and control dashboards

We have realized installations and monitoring systems of some of the most prestigious ships in the world with lengths ranging from 42m at 70m. Also we have the leadership in the design and realization of the automation of sailing systems, having realized dozens of automated sailing systems including those of the three largest sailing boats in the world:

  • Maltese Falcon (87m),
  • Black Pearl (108m),
  • Sailing Yacht A (145m).